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3 Must Read Books To Start The New Year

I'm blessed to work with and coach many transitioning service members and professionals seeking professional development.   Quite a bit of what I work with them on consists of having and maintaining a positive mindset. Anyone who knows me will tell you my go-to phrase for those going through dark or troubling times: "Stay the course and keep

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Being Busy Is NOT A Badge Of Honor

You know the joke, "how do you know someone does CrossFit/is a Vegan? Don't worry; they'll tell you!"   It's the same with busy people.   Yes, I'm calling you out. Too many people I coach and teach subtly "brag" to me about how busy they are or how much they have going on.   They tell me

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A New Year But The Same Old You

It's that time of year when everyone decides on a series of resolutions to better their life. You are going to go to the gym more often. Lose weight. Spend more time with the family. Get out of debt. Get a new job. Start a new educational endeavor. Stop swearing. Use that treadmill as more than an extra closet. According to most

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10 Things Getting In The Way Of Your Success

The list below isn't comprehensive, but it should make you think. 1: Debt Consumer debt will prohibit you from taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. You will be stuck in a job you hate because you rely on a paycheck to pay your car loan, student loan, credit card, or more. 2: Fear of failure

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Pessimism and Sarcasm Aren’t Wisdom

The words hit me like a punch straight to the gut when Dr. John Deloney said them during his address at the Dave Ramsey Influencer Event, which I was privileged to be attending. "Pessimism and sarcasm aren't wisdom." Five simple words, and yet, when you take a deeper look at them, they are far from simple.

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But We’ve Always Done It This Way

One phrase I too often hear from clients almost makes me lose my mind, "But we've always done it this way!"  It's often said in a whiny or pleading voice as if I don't somehow understand the importance of their history. As we approach the holidays (and hopefully some downtime for all you overtasked executives

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Winning in projects.

Winning project management protects your resources: time, money, equipment, and PEOPLE. There are undoubtedly theoretical aspects to project management; they are, in fact, often unavoidable. However, too many project management trainers and training focus almost exclusively on forced memorization techniques for ridiculous theories.   We then wonder why, after learning and being certified in these theories, project

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Change. You’re not doing it right.

Thousands of years ago, Heraclitus said, "There is nothing permanent except change." We'd all agree that statement is still valid today, despite the millions of technological advances we've seen since his time. At a minimum, you should consider three things when seeking change within your teams or organization. 1: No matter how comfortable you are

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10 Things GREAT Project Managers Do 

Those who know me will tell you I firmly believe a large percentage of our daily professional lives is allocated to managing projects. Here are ten things GREAT project managers do differently. 1: Protect Organizational Resources.  Effective project managers protect the organization's finances, time, equipment, and PEOPLE. This responsibility often overwhelms junior project managers newly placed

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Embrace the suck.

You leave the military with plenty of awesome sayings and cliches: “Think outside the box.” “High speed, low drag.” “Every dog has its day.” “Nothing good comes easy.” “Spotlight ranger” “Tactical pause” “Blue Falcon” “Soup Sandwich” “The only easy day was yesterday.” (I had to put this one in so my Navy SEAL friends would

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