It’s OK to Just Survive

In this modern boom of technology dependence, we tend to immerse ourselves in social media and live vicariously through who we follow.  We witness people crushing their goals, persisting through hardships, and defying odds in their situations.  We "watch" people lose hundreds of pounds, take charge of their health, reap the rewards of 80-hour work weeks on

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Projects: Framing Them Through the Military Lens

Project management is a vast trade covering many industries, and one of those industries is the military. The military comprises Service Members and civilians wherein they come together to complete various missions (projects) to keep the country safe. As Service Members begin to transition to the civilian workforce and gravitate towards project management, they all

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Imposter Syndrome: My Secret Weapon

If you have ever felt like a fraud surrounded by your classmates or colleagues, wondering how you’ve ended up among a group of individuals who are superior to you from every perspective, you’re well versed in imposter syndrome. While you stand -- quietly in awe of their superiority -- you hope no one else notices

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The Mayflower Compact: An introduction to the Team Agreement

Every team faces moments of uncertainty. Getting teams on the same page is the greatest challenge teams face when navigating difficult situations. The Team Agreement is critical as it grounds the working group with clear expectations, understandings, and norms for how they will work together as a team. When the Mayflower's anchor was set down

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This may surprise a great many of you, but Special Operators in the military gossip more than the ladies who host ABC’s “The View”. In fact, we have a team for it: “RUMINT” or "Rumor Intelligence".   Where are we deploying to and when?  For how long?  Who got promoted?  Did you hear what happened

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The Struggle is Real

Listen up, Team: I know what you’re thinking.   “It won’t happen to me.”  “I don’t see what the big deal is.”  “I’m not ‘normal.  This tab doesn’t say “ordinary forces’” I’ve chatted with enough new business owners to know what you are thinking about starting your own company…  I know it because I thought

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3 rules

A couple points before I start this post.  Yes, as an SF guy I know the three rules of SF are 1: Always look cool.  2: Always know where you are.  And 3: If you don’t know where you are, at least look cool.   Also, I normally hate writing lists, but I thought the

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What’s real wealth?  The newest luxury toys?  A brand-new car or the latest HDTV?  Having enough stable income that you can order all the new Apple products the very day they come out? For many: yes!  100% Nailed it. For the record, I don’t disagree.  I certainly enjoy those things.  But I think I have

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