The Struggle is Real

Listen up, Team: I know what you’re thinking.   “It won’t happen to me.”  “I don’t see what the big deal is.”  “I’m not ‘normal.  This tab doesn’t say “ordinary forces’” I’ve chatted with enough new business owners to know what you are thinking about starting your own company…  I know it because I thought

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3 rules

A couple points before I start this post.  Yes, as an SF guy I know the three rules of SF are 1: Always look cool.  2: Always know where you are.  And 3: If you don’t know where you are, at least look cool.   Also, I normally hate writing lists, but I thought the

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What’s real wealth?  The newest luxury toys?  A brand-new car or the latest HDTV?  Having enough stable income that you can order all the new Apple products the very day they come out? For many: yes!  100% Nailed it. For the record, I don’t disagree.  I certainly enjoy those things.  But I think I have

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The 7 P’s

I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the 7 P’s.  They’re everywhere and even Anthony ONeal from the Dave Ramsey show tries (but fails) to talk about them.  No offense, Anthony, you try... The 7 P’s as I was taught in the Legion: Proper Planning and Practice Prevent Piss Poor Performance. The most common (and

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The Shadow Side of Organizational Mediocrity is Status Quo

The Opening Argument. Legacy of Mediocrity Failing to challenge the status quo, within an organization, is equivalent to advocating for mediocracy.  Equally detrimental is refusing to dismantle the operational systems, functional processes, and cultural dynamics that support mediocracy. Such inaction will inevitably set an organization firmly on the road to disaster. This road is mercilessly

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Embrace the suck

You leave the military with plenty of awesome sayings and cliches: “Think outside the box” “High speed, low drag” “Every dog has its day” “Nothing good comes easy” “Spotlight ranger” “Tactical pause” “Blue Falcon” “Soup Sandwich” “The only easy day was yesterday.” (Had to put this one in so my Navy SEAL friends would keep

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Feedback: Critical to Relationships and Growth

Have you ever been in an organization or relationship, thinking you are on exactly the right track, only to find out that you didn't fulfill the expectation of your partner or supervisor? Let me raise my hand first. So. Many. Times. And while I take ownership of the fact that I didn't fulfill someone's expectation,

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