The DOL Coach Productivity Course

The Productivity Course A life-changing course at an introductory price of $300. Sessions are 7-9 PM Eastern 9,10,11 July The Problem: Work-life balance is a myth; you are constantly in survival mode, trying to get it all done. Deadlines are missed. Family time is sacrificed. Stress mounts. The Offering: The Productivity Course is conducted in […]


SOFPM 0724 (6 Sessions 15-18 & 22-23 July 2024 (7-9pm EST)

SOFPM consists of live, online training in Project Management concepts, terminology, and frameworks. It is intended for professionals looking to hone their skills and translate their experiences into a globally accredited certification in Project Management. The SOFPM course is executed online through Zoom over 12 hours in six 2-hour sessions. At the culmination of the […]