The Mayflower Compact: An introduction to the Team Agreement

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Every team faces moments of uncertainty. Getting teams on the same page is the greatest challenge teams face when navigating difficult situations. The Team Agreement is critical as it grounds the working group with clear expectations, understandings, and norms for how they will work together as a team. When the Mayflower's anchor was set down

The Struggle is Real

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Listen up, Team: I know what you’re thinking.   “It won’t happen to me.”  “I don’t see what the big deal is.”  “I’m not ‘normal.  This tab doesn’t say “ordinary forces’” I’ve chatted with enough new business owners to know what you are thinking about starting your own company…  I know it because I thought

3 rules

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A couple points before I start this post.  Yes, as an SF guy I know the three rules of SF are 1: Always look cool.  2: Always know where you are.  And 3: If you don’t know where you are, at least look cool.   Also, I normally hate writing lists, but I thought the

The 7 P’s

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I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the 7 P’s.  They’re everywhere and even Anthony ONeal from the Dave Ramsey show tries (but fails) to talk about them.  No offense, Anthony, you try... The 7 P’s as I was taught in the Legion: Proper Planning and Practice Prevent Piss Poor Performance. The most common (and

The Shadow Side of Organizational Mediocrity is Status Quo

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The Opening Argument. Legacy of Mediocrity Failing to challenge the status quo, within an organization, is equivalent to advocating for mediocracy.  Equally detrimental is refusing to dismantle the operational systems, functional processes, and cultural dynamics that support mediocracy. Such inaction will inevitably set an organization firmly on the road to disaster. This road is mercilessly


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At first you ignore the feeling in your gut.  You know something is wrong with the way things are being done.  You know things could be... better.  Not easier - just better. Easy isn’t the issue.  You got where you are through hard work and perseverance. You know nothing good comes easy.   Yet you are

Project Management Certifications: Truth, Myth & Legend

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Certifications, Qualifications, Licenses oh my! Demystifying the Achievement... Soooo, first things first…what exactly IS a Certification and how is it different from Licenses and Qualifications? Let’s say that you’re thinking about hiring a Fitness, Sports or Dance Trainer.  More than likely you’re going to want to have some level of reassurance that this person has

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