The Struggle is Real

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Listen up, Team: I know what you’re thinking.   “It won’t happen to me.”  “I don’t see what the big deal is.”  “I’m not ‘normal.  This tab doesn’t say “ordinary forces’” I’ve chatted with enough new business owners to know what you are thinking about starting your own company…  I know it because I thought

3 rules

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A couple of points before I start this post.  Yes, as an SF guy, I know the three rules of SF are 1: Always look cool.  2: Always know where you are.  And 3: If you don’t know where you are, at least look cool.   Also, normally I'm not too fond of writing lists,

The 7 P’s

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I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the 7 Ps.  They’re everywhere, and even Anthony ONeal from the Dave Ramsey show tries (but fails) to talk about them.  No offense, Anthony, you try... The 7 P’s as I was taught in the Legion: Proper Planning and Practice Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The most common (and

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