Project Management Certification Courses and Masterclasses

Enjoy the benefit of learning project management best practices with affordable, globally accredited courses offered by a Platinum Educational Partner of the Institute of Project Management.  All of our certification courses include certification as part of the pricing.


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Join the Financial Freedom Institute and let our Financial Coaches help you get out of debt.  Take your business or idea to the next level through engaging with our partner Ascension Strategies and find awesome DOL Consultant Service Providers to help you with your idea.

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Military Testimonial

“Just completed the SOFPM certification course.  Time well spent and a great investment in my marketability.  The instructors established clear and direct corollaries between current industry best practices and the actions that NCOs and officers take every day to lead teams and plan operations; it is just a matter of learning some new lingo.  Though it was not the purpose of this course, I can confidently rewrite my resume and re-brand myself as an accomplished Project Manager with over 22.5 years of experience and expertise that civilian employers want and need.” William (retired USMC).

Civilian Testimonial

“The Certified Project Trainers attached to my course were amazing. They were able to break down complex topics and make them relatable. I used to hate the thought of “project management” but now am armed with the knowledge, tools and resources to truly tackle any project of any size (at home or at work). Would recommend for anyone I know.” William B. Senior Executive (Hospitality)