Project Management Resources

We want you to be successful in your projects.  That’s why we give you the knowledge and tools allowing you to win with your projects and protect the resources you value.  Through our partnership with the Institute of Project Management, we’ve collected resources here and will update them routinely to ensure you are getting the most current and up-to-date versions.

Basic Course Session PDFs For Download (as of 22 Oct):

Introduction to Project Frameworks (Basic Course Session 1): DOLC Updated Basic Session 1 Project Frameworks

Project Stakeholders (Basic Course Session 2): DOLC Updated Basic Session 2 Project Stakeholders

Choosing the right project (Basic Course Session 3): DOLC Updated Basic Session 3 Choosing the Right Project

Project Planning (Basic Course Session 4): DOLC Updated Basic Session 4 Project Planning

Project Procurement (Basic Course Session 5): DOLC Updated Basic Session 5 Procurement

Project Risk Management (Basic Course Session 6): DOLC Updated Basic Session 6 Project Risk

Project Communications (Basic Course Session 7): DOLC Updated Basic Session 7 Communications

Managing Project Teams (Basic Course Session 8): DOLC UPDATED Basic Session 8 Managing Project Teams

Leading Projects and Earned Value Management (Basic Course Session 9): DOLC UPdated Basic Session 9 EVM and Leading Projects

Agile, Kanban, and Scrum (Basic Course Session 10): DOLC Updated Basic Session 10 Agile Scrum Kanban

Managing Project Change (Basic Course Session 11): DOLC Updated Basic Session 11 Managing Change

Closing Projects (Basic Course Session 12): DOLC Updated Basic Session 12 Closing Projects

The Institute of Project Management’s Certification Pre-Assessment Tool:

Helpful Videos

About PM Certification and the PMAC: YouTube PM Certification Overview

The Catalyst Program Information

Brochure: TCP_VeteranPDF

Free and Customizable Resources:

The Stakeholder Register (US Version) (xls): Stakeholder Register – US English

The DOL Coach Project Concept Canvas (PCC) (pdf): DOL PCC Fillable

Business Case template (doc): Simple Business Case Template

Project Status Report (xls): Project Status Report

Basic Gantt Chart (xls): Basic Gantt Chart

Empathy Map (pdf): Empathy-map-digital

Risk Profile Tool (xls): Risk Profile Tool

Risk Register (xls): Risk Register Template

Project Change Request (doc): Project Change Request

Enneagram Made Simple Workbook (pdf): Enneagram Made Simple Workbook

Lesson’s Learned Register (xls): Lessons Learned

Request for Proposal (RFP) template (doc): Request for proposal (RFP) Template

Useful Resources from within the course:

DOL Coach’s Mighty Network:

Online Project EducatioN (OPEN) by the Institute of Project Management (free):

The DOL Coach YouTube Channel and Project Management Quick Tip (PMQT) videos (free): DOL Coach YouTube Channel

Project Libre (free and open-source Project Management Software):

Gantt Project (free and open-source Project Management Software):

Enneagram Test (free):

Tony Robbins DISC Assessment (free):

The Table Group (Working Genius Reports: use code ENTRE for 50% off):

Recommended Reading: 

7 Things You Need to Know About PM Certifications: 7 Things You Need To Know about PM Certifications

Leading Change (1994 John Kotter article): Leading Change 1994 Article

8 Steps for Accelerating Change by John Kotter: 8 Steps for Accelerating Change eBook

Parkinson’s Law (Wikipedia):

A (very) Brief overview of US Gov Contracting: US Gov Contracting A Brief Overview

The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA):


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