Leading by example. ‘They’ aren’t the problem, YOU are.

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Leaders lead. That’s about as simplistic as I can make it.  The problem is, though, few people know how. I’m not saying they aren’t proficient at their jobs; I’m simply pointing out they don’t know how to lead.  Leadership isn’t a numbers game. Having more direct reports in no way means you are a better leader. 

Candidate, you’ve failed to properly negotiate this obstacle.

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At Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS or just ‘Selection’), there is a long and arduous obstacle course named The Nasty Nick. It was named after Col. Nick Rowe, a Green Beret legend after his service in Vietnam and brazen escape after five long years in captivity as a prisoner of war. According to wearethemighty.com, “Nasty

LIMFACs and Your Sanity

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Know what constrains your efforts “There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we erect ourselves.” Ronald Reagan I’m a project management nerd and proud productivity enthusiast. I love helping people.   One of the primary topics I focus on with clients is

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