Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient, and highly RELEVANT Training Designed to Solve Your Problems.

We don’t just teach you, we also give you the tools and resources to best set you up for success.  

We have training options for everyone: individuals to global organizations.



Our virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions are led by our acclaimed and specially selected Certified Project Trainers (CPT).  Each VILT session is completely self-contained (meaning no homework assignments or other requirements to study).  When you purchase a VILT course through DOL Coach, we also give you lifetime access to our self-paced video-on-demand certification course, RPM, for free.

Oh, and none of our VILT courses force you to study for an exam, when you complete the course you are certified for life.

The SOFPM Accelerated Project Management Certification Course

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The SOFPM course is an accelerated training and certification course designed for established professionals and those who have previously undergone training in Project Management.

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Advanced Organizational Training Project Management Course

What you get

The AOT Course is unlike any other project management training currently available.

Instead of focusing on project theory and teaching your teams concepts, we give your teams the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to start winning in your projects (and saving organizational resources while doing so).

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The SOFPM Project Management Certification Course

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The SOFPM/XPM course is an accelerated training and certification course designed for established professionals and those who have previously undergone training in Project Management.

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The RPM Course

Redefined Video On Demand Certification Course

What you get

The Redefined Project Management (RPM) course takes what others grossly overcomplicate and makes it relevant to you, your life, and your projects.

RPM is delivered 100% online (video on demand) at your own pace and allows you to not only gain the knowledge of project management best practices and also gives you the tools to immediately incorporate within your projects. And you get an internationally accredited certification.

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Project Management Assessment and Certification (PMAC)

An Assessment based on your SKILLS as a PM


The Project Management Assessment and Certification (PMAC) is a cost-effective and efficient pathway for those who qualify experientially and who possess the requisite skills to be certified as Project and/or Program Managers.  At the conclusion of the Assessment, successful candidates will be admitted to the Institute of Project Management at the highest level for which they are eligible.

All certifications are granted for life with no renewal on continuing education requirements.

The PMAC is not an exam – it’s a chance for you to demonstrate to a Certified Project Trainer (CPT) you possess the skills to lead projects and teams.


Effective StakeHolder Engagement

What you get

Too many projects suffer from ineffective stakeholder engagement.

These mismanaged stakeholders create conflict and discord throughout project work and often lead to scope creep, abuse of resources, and time and budget overruns.

They often also lead to opposition to new ideas and project failures.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement (#ESHE) is only accomplished after genuinely understanding how the power and interest grid couples with conflict management, personality types, and communication styles.

You’ll learn that and more in this boutique masterclass.

There’s more! We also provide our customizable world-class stakeholder register (free forever) to use within your projects. This resource will support you through all stages of the Project Management lifecycle: from initiation through planning, delivery, and close.

This masterclass will help you get people where you need them to be.

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Change Management

What you get

You’ll learn to manage change in urgent, difficult and near-crisis conditions.
You’ll learn to lead change efforts in your respective areas.
You’ll develop proficiency around effectively facilitating change among teams and the initiatives they support to drive successful change within the organization.

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The 4 P's Meeting Masterclass

Learn to run meetings properly.