DOLx (the DOL Coach parent company) was founded and is led by a proud US Army Veteran and former Civil Servant.  In fact, our team is manned with veterans from all branches and we love supporting the veteran community.

It is our absolute pleasure to give back to the military, their spouses, dependents, first responders and civil servants with no ask from you in return.

Some relevant information for you:  Certification through the Institute of Project Management (the Institute) is about three things we each possess: your knowledge, experience and skills.

Other entities only care that you can memorize material and pass an exam – we instead choose to allow you to demonstrate your skills in running projects.

You can see the differences in the certifying body approaches by reading this: 7 Things You Need To Know about PM Certifications

The Institute of Project Management is the only globally accredited certifying body which has taken the time to baseline military (and GS) ranks across the services and directly apply it to your experience for certification.

So… if you each have experience and skills, the only thing missing is knowledge.  Meet the Basic Course – 100% free for all who’ve served.

The Basic Course is a comprehensive Certification Course covering all phases of the project lifecycle. It gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to join project teams across industries, of any size and varying duration.  All who complete the training will be certified as a Certified Project Officer with the Institute of Project Management. The Basic Course is open to all – there are no skills or experience requirements to attend.  The course is normally $750, but we are making it 100% free for veterans, military, military spouses, their dependents and first responders.  Oh, one more thing – the course is fun and engaging.  It’s relevant to you and what you are doing.  It is NOT 12 sessions of exam preparation.

If you desire higher level certifications – you will be given a cost-effective and efficient pathway to achieve them.

If you’d like to join an upcoming Basic course for free you can find the upcoming courses through this link: FREE MILITARY BASIC COURSE REGISTRATION

If you are interested in all the levels of certification offered:

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions.