FM 18-2 Scott’s Field Manual:

A Green Beret’s Guide Quick Guide To Winning With Money

Learn to live within your means, budget, and get out of debt.  Take control of your financial freedom.

FM 18-1 Scott’s Field Manual: Achieving your Vision.

A Green Beret’s Guide Quick Guide To Goals and Visions

Get out of your head and start winning.

The Hill: Starting the journey to earn my Green Beret by overcoming fear and learning to embrace an elite mindset. (The Invictus Series Book 1) Kindle Edition

Join Scott Kinder as he leaves comfort and security behind to try and become an Army Green Beret. Learn how looks can be deceiving, fear isn’t necessarily bad, and the importance of celebrating small victories over immense challenges. Most importantly, learn how to spot and overcome the Hills in your personal and professional lives.

Ground Truth 2.0: A collection of a Green Beret and business owner’s thoughts from the past decade.

Learn lessons without the pain and suffering. Ground truth will allow you to learn and apply the Lessons of elite special operations and corporations through an honest and unconventional mindset.

Pre-Order Boom: A Green Beret’s Guide To Winning in Projects and Business

Boom is the culmination of all I’ve done in my professional life and will give you the keys to start winning in your projects and across your business. 

You will learn my SEE and ACT model and gain insights into elite special operators’ mindsets. You will learn tools to drive your business into new areas and protect your most precious resources: the people on your teams.

This book will help you. It’s focused on helping you win the very fights you fight each day, from my time in Special Forces to running global operations within the Institute of Project Management through starting my own business. I’ve done the things I show you.

Available for pre-order now.