The SOFPM course is an accelerated training and certification course designed for established professionals and those who have previously undergone training in Project Management.  Applicants must apply to attend and will be admitted on an individual basis.

SOFPM consists of live, online training in Project Management concepts, terminology and frameworks and is intended for those professionals amongst us looking to hone their skills and translate their experiences into an internationally accredited certification in Project Management.

The course is executed online through Zoom in three 2.5-hour sessions. At the culmination of the course you will be assessed, certified and admitted to the Institute of Project Management at the level for which you are eligible.

There is no examination – our Assessment is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills in leading programs, projects and teams.

The SOFPM Course consists of three 2.5 hour sessions conducted (live) online via Zoom.  Here is a quick breakdown of the sessions:

Session 1:

Before you can “deliver the project right”, you need to ensure you are “delivering the right project”. Learn how projects work and the importance of a right-sized business case. 

All About Project Management

  • Project frameworks 
  • Projects vs Operations
  • The Project Lifecycle
  • The Cost of Change
  • Triple Constraints (Scope, Time, Cost)
  • Importance of Methodologies

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identifying Project Stakeholders 
  • Prioritizing Project Stakeholders
  • Engaging Project Stakeholders
  • Utilizing the Power and Interest Grid

Session 2:

Demystify Business Cases and learn how to couple the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) with internationally accepted best practices to ensure organizational resources are protected and utilized properly.  Participants will also learn how to best plan and manage projects effectively.  

Relevant Business Cases

  • Opportunity identification
  • The Project Concept Canvas
  • Alternatives analysis  (Creative and Critical Thinking)
  • Analyzing impacts
  • Creating the Business Case
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • MultiCriteria Analysis
  • Recommending Projects
  • The Project Charter

Managing Plans and Risk

  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) 
  • Project budget 
  • Direct and Indirect Project Costs
  • Project scheduling
  • Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams
  • Critical Path 
  • Risk management Strategies
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Prioritization (Quantitative and Qualitative)
  • Risk Treatment (Probability and Impact)
  • Contingency and Management Reserves
  • Risk Tracking and Using the Risk Register

Session 3:

Managing a successful project depends on more than simply following the plan. It demands the ability to lead and inspire a diverse and sometimes conflicted stakeholder community.  We teach Agile history and best practices and give all participants the tools to manage project teams using Agile practices.  We also focus on ensuring projects are closed properly and Lessons Learned are applied to future projects and programs.

Agile Project Management and Leadership

  • Agile vs Waterfall Project Management
  • Agile Terms and Definitions
  • User Stories
  • Product/Spring Backlogs
  • Sprints (Planning and Executing)
  • Kanban Boards
  • Scrum and Stand-ups
  • Managing Project Teams
  • Team Development (Tuckman Model)
  • Delegation Scales
  • Performance Barriers

Project Change and Closure

  • Managing Change
  • Status reports
  • Earned Value Management
  • Schedule Management Techniques
  • Resource Leveling
  • Fast Tracking
  • Crashing
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Client Acceptance
  • Unsuccessful Projects
  • Administrative Close
  • Capturing Lessons Learned 
  • Project Management Office

At the conclusion of Session 3 all candidates who’ve completed the training are immediately issued their Digital Certifications through the Institute of Project Management’s Online Project Education (OPEN) portal.  This allows instant, on-line validation of certification authenticity and is available 24/7 via the web.  Certifications are also sharable on social media (LinkedIn).  All certifications are granted as lifetime certifications with no requirements for continual education or further professional development.

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$750 (total one-time fee which includes all training, resources, and lifetime certification)

Online through Zoom in three 2.5-hour sessions

Certification Course

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