Become a Change Master with the Change Management Masterclass by Heather Kuhns

We all know life and business often feel like nothing but change!

Understanding how to help people accept and embrace change and why/how it is happening is a critical skill for leadership (and Project Managers!) to possess.

Guiding an organization, and its people, through change is an area that is often ignored by the leadership.

We offer this master class to equip learners and leaders with the tools they need to become competent and confident at leading change in their organizations and establishing a culture of positivity and innovation.

Become a change champion!

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Effective Stakeholder Engagement (ESHE) Masterclass by Heather Kuhns

Too many projects suffer from ineffective stakeholder engagement.

These mismanaged stakeholders create conflict and discord throughout project work and often lead to scope creep, abuse of resources, and time and budget overruns.

They often also lead to opposition to new ideas and project failures.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement (#ESHE) is only accomplished after genuinely understanding how the power and interest grid couples with conflict management, personality types, and communication styles.

You’ll learn that and more in this boutique masterclass.

There’s more! We also provide our customizable world-class stakeholder register (free forever) to use within your projects. This resource will support you through all stages of the Project Management lifecycle: from initiation through planning, delivery, and close.

This masterclass will help you get people where you need them to be.

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Creative Critical Thinking Masterclass by Cinda Doggett

Ever hear this at work? “Great Idea! Let’s do it!”  (Except everyone knows it’s not a great idea.)

During the CCT Masterclass you’ll learn to couple the application of tools and techniques (mind mapping, SWOT Analysis, and more); with the development of processes for capturing ideas, analyzing options, and choosing projects.

“Learn to use your brain-power. Critical thinking is the key to creative problem-solving in business. – Richard Branson”

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