Growing a business is hard work.

Finding a team outside your organization dedicated to supporting your business development efforts is even more challenging.

That’s why we’ve created the DOL Business Development Mastermind Group.

We’ll provide you with a team of like-minded professionals to tap into for help with your business development efforts.

Entry into the Group is solely by approval with a flat annual fee of $10,000.

(Payment plans available if needed).

We won’t promise results because, at the end of the day, you have to close the deals we put in front of you.

We do promise you an increase in the visibility of your products. We will guide and coach you to the success you crave.

In short, the DOL BDMG means business development done the “Special Forces way” and we will focus on success through collaboration, unconventional planning, and real-time problem solving.

That’s why the DOL BDMG is being led by Scott. Scott Kinder, DOL Coach’s Founder and CEO, will lead each weekly meeting. Scott has years of experience with business networking groups across two continents and over a decade of dedicated business development experience.

The DOL Business Development Group is a product of those experiences. We will do what others promise to do, and fail to deliver.

Each week, we will highlight a Group Member’s offering and allow that member to provide all relevant details (target audience, pricing options, time to close, and more). Then we will devise a proper and helpful engagement strategy to highlight your offering to this in our respective networks.

We’ll also allow each member weekly chances to discuss forecasted business needs.

We’ll record each meeting for reference for the Group, and we’ll send a post-meeting wrap-up to all Group members.

Here are some signs the DOL BDMG is for you:

Are you having trouble:

Making sales?

Prospecting new clients?

Reaching new markets?

Filling courses or cohorts?


Here are some of the things you get when approved to join:

A professional and knowledgeable BD team.

Access to secure messaging within the team (through Signal) and a private group within the DOL Mighty Network.

Weekly accountability and problem solving support.

Ideas and success stories from other DOL BDMG members.


What we don’t do:

Force referrals.

Make false promises for results.

Make you waste your time.

Fill out the short application form below to get started with your application.

Please note, if our team feels we can’t deliver AT LEAST your annual fees back to you in new and increased sales, we will NOT approve your application.