The AOT Course is unlike any other project management training currently available.

Instead of focusing on project theory and teaching your teams concepts, we give your teams the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to start winning in your projects (and saving organizational resources while doing so).

Here’s how it works: Upon accepting a training proposal, we’ll assign a highly trained Certified Project Trainer (CPT) to you. Your CPT will deliver our boutique training course (contextualized to your needs) and work with your team over three days to best incorporate the resources given to you into your project environments. At the end of the third day, all attendees will immediately be granted certifications as Certified Project Officers (CPO).

The CPT will also be available (included in the proposal) for a fourth day to help your project managers best contextualize and incorporate the resources into your project teams.

Also, all who complete the course will be scheduled for Assessments at higher-level certifications at no additional cost.

We know your project managers are exceptional at what they do. That’s why we also give you discounted tickets to our video RPM certification course for their project teams at an 80% discount (a flat $75 per certification). These additional certified project team members will allow you to truly build your organizational project capability without adding training burdens to your busy staff.

And we do this all for one flat price of $1750 per person. There are zero hidden costs and no other nonsense or exam preparation.

What are you waiting for?