Service Providers are a cadre of entrepreneurs equipped for and dedicated to the cause of liberating those who desire to increase their level of expertise and potential.

Role & Impact

Service Providers serve as the gateway to freedom for all our clients, laying the path for personal growth and professional development. Their contribution is the catalyst for achieving our company vision – Creating a Legacy of Personal and Professional Freedom.

Return on Investment

Service Providers can expect a serious return on investment for joining the team.  Everyone (at all levels) of the DOL family are dedicated to helping Service Providers grow their business through quality referrals.  Additionally, Service Providers are given a vehicle through the DOL Academy to highlight offerings, services and products.


  • Access to the DOL Academy exchange as a fully vetted moderator
  • Increased social media presence and support
  • A dedicated referral team intent on helping you grow


If you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and want to join a team of A+ Servant Leaders intent on growing each other’s businesses – apply today.

We don’t take everyone.