DOL Mentors are experts and servant leaders.  Period.

Our network of vetted and approved Mentors comprise a guild of socio-economically diverse, multi-cultural, interdisciplinary, multi-issue focused network of skilled, experienced, dedicated and execution-oriented individuals, teams and organizations.

Role & Impact

Our DOL Mentors are simply the best at what they do.  They are proven professionals and servant leaders.  They are also the heart of our call and one of the driving forces toward collectively achieving our mission. They administer to and drive the guild to help maintain our Entrepreneurial Center of Excellence (COE).  As an organization, we are very proud of them, their offerings and the support they offer to the Entrepreneurial Center of Excellence. It stands as a corner stone of our Company Vision – Creating (and helping others create) a legacy of personal and professional freedom.

Return on Investment

Everyone needs a team behind them and we have a global team of industry experts all dedicated to helping you grow and prosper.  We are confident your participation will enable you to experience growth across a multitude of platforms.  Some of these areas are: increased leads, sales funnel generation, increased revenue (5x or more), social media support, coaching and mentoring.  All DOL Mentors are also given full administrative rights within our Facebook DOL Academy group – allowing you to lend your expertise and offerings to those who need it.  


  • Access to vetted sales pipeline/clients via DOL Coach graduates and referrals from other Mentors, Service Providers and Ambassadors
  • Social Media support from Mentor guild members
  • Free Master Mind sessions
  • Free webinars and workshops provided by Mentors to use and share with your own network of clients
  • Access to a global network of other vetted Mentors, Service Providers and Ambassadors
  • Gift of Gratitude (GOG) from DOL Coach – you receive 10% of the revenue when a client referral purchases a DOLC course


If you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and want to join a team of A+ Servant Leaders intent on growing each other’s businesses – apply today.

We don’t take everyone.