Role & Impact

We established the DOL Academy to provide YOU a drop zone for ideas, resources and support.

Our revolutionary and interactive Facebook platform enables you to build entrepreneurial relationships, foster personal and professional development, and facilitate dialogue with Others intent on helping free you from oppression.  This also equips individuals, teams and organizations to act toward resolution of problems or important causes.

The Academy is managed by exceptional vetted Mentors, Service Providers and Ambassadors – each dedicated to your success and growth.

Academy is a safe space – welcoming all with only one caveat: are you tired of being oppressed?  If so – join today.  What are you waiting for?

DOL Academy: 100% free: now and forever.


A dynamic network of passionate and integrity-based entrepreneurial organizations, with an eye toward solving problems and enabling each other’s success.

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Service Providers

A cadre of entrepreneurs who are equipped for and dedicated to the cause of liberating those who desire to increase their level of expertise and potential.

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A select group of individuals who have been entrusted with acting on behalf of DOL Coach, within their respective networks, to cultivate awareness around our strategic philosophy and promote our services and products.

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If you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and want to join a team of A+ Servant Leaders intent on growing each other’s businesses – apply today.

We don’t take everyone.