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DOLC Basic Session 1 Project Frameworks

DOLC Basic Session 2 Project Stakeholders

DOLC Basic Session 3 Choosing the Right Project

DOLC Basic Session 4 Project Planning

DOLC Basic Session 5 Procurement

DOLC Basic Session 6 Project Risk

DOLC Basic Session 7 Communications

DOLC Basic Session 8 Managing Project Teams

DOLC Basic Session 9 Leading Projects

DOLC Basic Session 10 Agile

DOLC Basic Session 11 Managing Change

DOLC Basic Session 12 Closing Projects


BASIC Course Flyer to Share: Basic Flier


Free and Customizable Resources: 

The Stakeholder Register (US Version) (xls): Stakeholder Register – US English

The Project Concept Canvas (PCC) (pdf): Project Concept Canvas

Simple Business Case template (doc): Simple Business Case Template

Detailed Business Case template (doc): Detailed Business Case Template

Risk Register template (xls): Risk Register Template

Lessons Learned Register (xls): Lessons Learned

Recommended Resources:

Project Libre (100% free open source Project Management software):

Free DISC Profile from

Free Enneagram Test from

WIDGET Working Genius Assessments (Use code ENTRE for 50% off – reducing the price to $12.50 per):

A (very) Brief overview of US Gov Contracting: US Gov Contracting A Brief Overview

Recommended Reading: 

Leading Change (1994 John Kotter article): Leading Change 1994 Article

8 Steps for Accelerating Change by John Kotter: 8 Steps for Accelerating Change eBook

7 Things You Need to Know About PM Certifications: 7 Things You Need To Know about PM Certifications

Enneagram Workbook from Business Made Simple: Enneagram Made Simple Workbook

Agile Manifesto:

Parkinson’s Law (Wikipedia):

The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA):