Stop unknowingly injecting barriers into your sales cycles and losing business.  Increase your sales and chances of winning new business by learning to simply and effectively apply Strategic Interpersonal Behavior.  Realize WHY you unknowingly inject barriers into your sales cycles and use and all three channels of communication (verbal, paralinguistic, and nonverbal) to quickly increase sales and decrease your sales timeline.

Learn to use the targeting cycle to better and more effectively find and close more sales.

We focus on the entire sales process from identifying and gaining rapport with new leads, developing the relationship, and (most importantly) closing the sale. We’ll teach you how to use your body language posture to create openness, sincerity, professionalism, and the competency necessary to close sales faster and evangelize your clients for follow-on sales.

BLIS highlights the skills, learned at the US national level, used to cross-cultural, religious, racial, and linguistic boundaries to enhance rapport and close agreements between indigenous people and Special Forces Operators. We’ve packaged this knowledge into an easy-to-learn format; breaking down Body Language into its simplest forms.

Our simplified process provides easy-to-remember techniques to use when you need them most and the pressure is on to make a sale.  We give you the tools to understand what you are doing and to start intentionally manipulating your posture to close sales.



2 hours