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Change how you live and learn to budget, get out of debt, make major purchases (vehicles, houses, university and more) and invest for the future.

You’ll be given the keys to truly transform your life and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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After you join you will also be given access to our private community so you can continue the conversations and accountability 24/7 with others from your group.

(Each cohort is $100 per month and is limited to 30 seats.)

Financial Freedom Cohort 1

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“With Scott’s help we were able to pay of over $50k in debt, establish a fully funded emergency fund and prepare for the future.  His advice and guidance were instrumental to our success.”  Fort Bragg, NC

“We thought normal was ok until we met Scott and his coaching.  Now my husband and I are working our way out of debt.  We communicate better and are finally on the same page with money after 12 years of marriage.”