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SOFPM consists of live, online training in Project Management concepts, terminology, and frameworks and is intended for those professionals looking to hone their skills and translate their experiences into an internationally accredited certification in Project Management.

The course is executed online through Zoom over 10 hours in five 2-hour sessions. At the culmination of the course, you will be assessed, certified, and admitted to the Institute of Project Management at the level for which you are eligible.

There is no examination – our Assessment is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills in leading programs, projects, and teams.

Training sessions for the course are:

Session 1: Monday 15 November 7-9 pm EST

Session 2: Tuesday 16 November 7-9 pm EST

Session 3: Wednesday 17 November 7-9 pm EST

Session 4: Monday 18 November 7-9 pm EST

Session 5: Tuesday 19 November 7-9 pm EST

The total price for the course and certification is a one-time (lifetime) fee of $750 (discountable by 10% for veterans)