I’m blessed to work with and coach many transitioning service members and professionals seeking professional development.  

Quite a bit of what I work with them on consists of having and maintaining a positive mindset. Anyone who knows me will tell you my go-to phrase for those going through dark or troubling times: “Stay the course and keep the faith.”  

But we all know that is too often easier said than done. 

The holidays are now officially over, and I was determined to hit 2023 on a positive note.

These three books are must-reads for anyone looking to change their mindsets and own their future.  

1: Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness by Steve Magness

Putting a book recommendation about “resilience” out to my network is a bit risky. Many of you are highly resilient people, and just as many as certified in some time of resilience building leader program…


I can’t say enough about this book. I was blown away by Magness’ work in Peak Performance, and I love “Do Hard Things.” There are numerous takeaways from the book, but one of my favorites was this: “Negative thoughts of quitting are normal. They don’t mean you are weak. They represent your mind trying to protect you.”  

Quit running from fear and learn to be tough.  

2: Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking by Jon Acuff 

I didn’t want to like this book. If being honest, I had it in my wish list for MONTHS and kept passing it up. The sole reason it was in my wish list was that I like Jon Acuff’s wit and humor. Nothing about Soundtracks caught my attention.  

Then I picked it up. And I have no regrets about doing so.  

Acuff does it again. He manages to take something serious and make it attainable for EVERYONE. And, yes, I mean everyone. I’m having my teenage sons read it.  

Here is a crucial takeaway I must’ve already used 10-15 times: when you tell yourself a lie (the “Soundtrack” in your brain), ask yourself if what you are telling yourself is

A: True?

B: Helpful?

C: Kind.

Would you tell a friend or stranger the things you ROUTINELY tell yourself?  

If not, it may be time to pick up this book and change the Soundtracks blaring in your brain.  

3: Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Craig Groeschel

This book is nothing short of phenomenal. Pastor Groeschel (yes, this is a Christian-themed book, if that scares you away, I’m sorry for you) absolutely hits a home run with this work.  

Too many of us live our lives not understanding the power of love and grace given to each of us.  

This book is honest, hopeful, and at times silly.  

Best of all, it’s a great reminder that no matter how we feel, we are NEVER in the fight alone.  


You aren’t alone. If you struggle with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fatigue, despair, or more, you need to pick up any of these books and start to win the fight.  

If you’d like to chat, it’s simple to do so. Just get on my calendar at a time convenient to you, and let’s get to know each other. You can use this link:  https://calendly.com/dolcoach