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DeVon M. Hankins, VP of Strategy & Operations

I am a native of Missouri, raised on a 100+ acre farm in the town of Wentzville.  I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, including my family’s farm – a Certified Angus breeding and production operation and family’s legacy business – an ambulatory transportation company.  It is from this familial backdrop that I have pursued a personal and professional path of developing, supporting and leading those who desire to foster and nurture the advancement of the individual, community and collective.

I received my formal training at the University of Missouri-Columbia, obtaining a B.S. in Agriculture, minor in Agronomy; and a M.S. in Agriculture Economics, focus in Agri-business, Marketing and Finance.  In my career I’ve led and provided oversight for the planning, evaluation and monitoring of enterprise projects, social programs, management systems, regulatory practices and legislative agendas.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to advise trade negotiations on behalf of US ag-producers, provide oversight for trade zone pricing for one of the largest auto makers in the world, and lead the creation of a city strategic plan that has become the model for other cities I the US. Additionally, my path has exposed me to diverse industries and business sectors. I’ve worked for large government organizations – at allthree levels, a mid-sized IT start-up, a Fortune 100 company and nationally recognized elected officials.

I’ve done my professional due diligence as well; attaining certifications as a Six Sigma Greenbelt, Balanced Scorecard Professional, and Certified Project Director and Trainer. My proudest professional accomplishment to-date is my service in the U.S. Army: National Guard – Military Police, as both Enlisted and Officer Corps.  I am a daughter and defender of my country – right, wrong or indifferent; I will always count it as one of my most noble pursuits.  However, at the end of the day, I feel most honored by having the opportunity to be a mother to my son Andrew, who is studying to become a Game Designer.  He’s an amazing young man and I am very proud of him. A note to our young folks: you matter, your voice matters, your service matters, your passion matters and your participation matters!

As it stands, my journey has culminated in a passion for guiding and leading both individuals and cross-functional teams toward scaled improvement, creative and executable problem solving and enterprise transformation.  As VP of Strategy and Operations for DOL Coach, I am blessed to be able to exercise my passion in an open, transparent and integrity based environment; surround by like-minded individuals who too are in pursuit of advancing, while serving; self-improving, while making a difference for others; proactively sharing, while experiencing voluntary reciprocity. I am in the game and up for the challenges that participation brings.  It is my sincerest hope that you will join us on this collective journey toward freedom. I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you’re ever in town, let me know, I’d love to do lunch!