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Change is constant, no matter if we welcome it or fear it.

Technology evolves…
Organizations pivot and adjust to market demands…
Teams add and remove team members…
Leaders, managers, and employees join and leave…
And much more…

So why do we fear change so much? Why do the people in our organizations resist it every chance possible?

Most organizations are set up to promote stability, routine, and predictability. Yet, the operating reality is that we are subject to continual pressure for change. The difficult choice facing these organizations is when embrace and pursue change and when not to?
How much change should be introduced?
What parts of a system should be maintained?

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn the fundamentals of carefully planned change management,

You’ll learn to manage change in urgent, difficult, and near-crisis conditions.
You’ll learn to lead change efforts in your respective areas.
You’ll develop proficiency around effectively facilitating change among teams and the initiatives they support to drive successful change within the organization.

Most importantly, you’ll start overcoming resistance to change and gain the ability to successfully lead change throughout your organization by inspiring new values, attitudes, norms, and behaviors.

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